Just One More Love #Poem

So many poems.
So many of them have been written
about love.

Here’s another one:

You’re the contour of the sun that I don’t need to see. I feel its warmth, its light bone deep.

What I feel for you isn’t a feeling, it’s a state of being.
Being with a being like you is like seeing the universe spontaneously birthing itself again and again.

You’re more than lover, more than friend. The mend to my heart cracks. The luminosity where it lacks in the crevices of a self long forgotten.

Through you, I remember me. Throughout, within, all around you, I am reminded of the cosmic’s countless wonders
and I stop wondering what if and when and why.

And I start to think how easy it is to astronomical-proportions love in one monumental step:

You heart, soul, mind—open them wide and pay no mind to the lack of veils hiding your scars and darkness and raw beauty that’s world-illuming.

Eva PoeteX – ©2016

Electric Blue (poem)

Airborne (poem + recording)


You. Exactly how I knew you
is housed in digital conversations
with time stamps long lapsed,

is permanently lodged in the backlogs
of my mind that have gathered dust
but feel more Now than mindful meditation,

holds residency in e-folders dated pre-2013,
drifting in ever-towering cybermuck.

The you I once knew
is a Polaroid photograph
tucked away in a jet-black envelope,
given wings, hovering through an endless,
starless midnight sky.

Eva PoeteX – © 2016